1. To raise funds to implement sanitation projects in identified IDP camps

2. To show support for residents in IDP camps

3. To make a joint statement condemning every act of violence

4. Preach a message of love and tolerance

5. To make a joint statement condemning the activities of Boko Haram Sect

6. To give emotional support and a picture of hope to victims of Boko Haram violence

7. To offer free medical services to participants in the solidarity walk

8. To provide an avenue for participants to do some form of exercise.


A Solidarity March around the City of Abuja. Muster Point: Federal Secretariat, Central Business District, Abuja. End Point: The Unity Fountain, Abuja. Time:7am

1. Construction of water boreholes in selected IDP Camps

2. Provision of mosquito nets to men, women and children in IDP Camps

3. Provision of Mobile Toilets in selected camps

4. Construction of Pit Toilets in selected camps.

5. Construction of bathrooms in selected camp.

6. Provision of general sanitation in selected camps..

7. Provision of food items to selected camps.

About March for Humanity

Over the years, there have been documented cases of violence and human right abuses in Nigeria. Even among the citizens there appears to be a low level of tolerance for each other and a lot of documented cases of violence against each other, coupled with the present seeming economic hardship in the country has put Nigeria in a global bad light. One can sense that there is ‘trouble’ brewing up and tension is being heightened around the country, especially from an emotional stand point. This is a very delicate time in the country and whatever can be done should be done to douse this tension. One of the major outcomes of the activities by the insurgency sect Boko Haram, besides the loss of lives, is the displacement of thousands of citizens in Northern Nigeria. These IDPs spread across different states in Northern Nigeria have lost their means of livelihood, their sense of self-esteem is virtually not existent, their hope is fading by the day, they are emotionally and their means of living mostly depends on the goodwill of others. Nigerians need to be reminded of love, tolerance, peaceful cohabitation and they in turn should demand from the government, what they want for a better Nigeria. There is a need for other citizens not affected by these insurgencies to show support for their fellow Nigerian citizens who are going through a very hard time. There is a need for them to see that they are not alone and they are not forgotten. Nigerians are separated by culture, religion, tribe, tradition, ideals, political alliance and a lot more. However, regardless of our state of origin, religion or tribe, we are still Nigerians. We can stand together on this to show support and stand as ‘One Nigeria’. This is why we are proposing a ’30, 000-Man March for Humanity’ which is aimed at demanding we want from the government while also placing a demand on ourselves as Nigerians. We would also use the platform to raise funds to implement several sanitation projects in various IDP camps. This would show that despite our varying state, we are all together in these cause and then we can say that ‘Nigerians made a statement’. Implemented projects would be donated by ‘Nigerians’ and this would in turn appeal to the emotions of residents of IDP camps and give them Hope. The present economic situation in the country, coupled with reports of killings by Fulani herdsmen, police brutality, and human rights violation is not helping the emotional and psychological status of the Nigerian citizens presently. Of 1000 people surveyed, 89% were said to be dissatisfied and unhappy with the situation in Nigeria. When asked what needs to be done, 80% of people survey responded saying a revolution is the only solution. We feel we can make a statement, we can make the government listen to us, we can stand for our right, demand the democracy we voted for and demand the kind of future we want.. This is what the 30, 000 man solidarity march intends to achieve. As a people, as a nation, as a group not divided by origin, religion or culture, it is time we all made a statement; it is time we all stand up in support for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, orphans and widows who have become victim of this act of injustice to humanity. This we hope will have an impact on their feeling of sadness and neglect in the country. The “March” will also be used as an avenue for AHF to raise funds to help Nigerians implement projects which will be aimed at improving the sanitary conditions in identified IDP camps.


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